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Anonymous inquired:

It's funny that you think you know something because you've had a summer job at SeaWorld, when we know that even the trainers don't know shit about the pasts of their animals and their problems. PLUS. Lets say the movie is utter crap. It's still happening in many places with so many different species. Is it really that bad to open peoples eyes ebout it? Or are you just so selfish that only things that give people bad name matter, who cares about the animals, right?

Actually, I care about the animals. If you knew WHY Blackfish was made in the first place, which was with the intent of hurting the company and their profits and not actually for the well-being of the animals, which can be proven in a number of different ways by MANY articles with valid sources, you probably wouldn’t be saying that. And yeah whatever some people probably think this is a good thing, but my point is, if you haven’t been to SeaWorld in years, if you don’t personally know their employees or  have seen their behind the scenes work for yourself, how can you be so entitled to sit on your high horse and slam something that actually in reality does so much good for not only orcas, but for all other animal species? If there’s something to attack, attack circuses. Attack waterparks on the other side of the world that put dolphins and orcas in fountain size swimming pools. Don’t attack SeaWorld. They are really the least of our concerns, and really, are a hell of a lot better as far as the animals are concerned than anything I just listed.

But usually Blackfish activists don’t actually care. They just want to whine and prove that they are right.

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lloser inquired:

This is honestly not a malicious question but I'm curious as to what sources you have that would disprove certain claims made in the Blackfish documentary and other platforms against the captivity of orcas and dolphins. Would you mind sharing?


First of all, look anywhere on this website. There’s many very informative articles about the rhetoric Blackfish is trying to spin there.

And, while some people would be little brats and scoff at this, what SeaWorld has to say is ACTUALLY VALID and is also considered good source information. If Blackfish is considered a good source to others, then SeaWorld is a source for me.

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Foxes and wolves don’t really get along.

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teen wolf meme: four otps [4/4]

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teen wolf meme: Eight scenes [2/8]

I’ll do something.

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take a bullet for each other
yeah brothers like that don’t come cheap
you fight, you cry, you lie, you bleed
and you lean on one another

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make me choose» anon asked: Scott or Stiles? both. 

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get to know me meme [5/10] brotps

↳ Scott & Stiles

"You’re not a no one. You’re someone. You’re my best friend, and I need you. Scott, you’re my brother— Stiles, if you have it, we’ll do something. I’ll do something.”

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Scott and Stiles