the cold never bothered me anyway.

Gemini. INFJ. Gryffinpuff. Singer. California Girl. Motivational Speaker. Humanitarian. Writer. Music Fanatic. Friend.
Passion. Music. Love. Happiness. Kindness. Bravery. Beyoncé. Wild nights. Katy Perry. Kelly Clarkson. Pink. Puppies. Lady Gaga. Pretty Little Liars. Self Worth. Inspiration. Beauty. Imagine Dragons. Equality. Truth. Honesty. Disney. The Music Business. Compassion. Youth. Generosity. Strength.

Oh, and I'm Torrey, by the way.

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Doing an antibullying photoshoot today… more pics later! :3 

  1. torridpixie said: You are so damned adorable! Awesome pic for an awesome cause.
  2. assfactor said: You have huuuuge eyes ahhh
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